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How to enlighten the baby to learn to speak?

The baby's babbling is also talking, the baby is secretly learning! Therefore, parents must follow the following methods to nurture and develop their baby's language ability to lay the foundation for the future. So, how to enlighten the baby to learn to speak?
1. Moderate verbal stimulation
Verbal stimulation begins as early as possible. Don't wait until the baby learns to speak to start language stimulation, do it in advance, and give the child a process of accumulation. Before the baby is born, it is necessary to consciously communicate with the fetus. After the baby is born, the mother should insist on talking to the baby every day. Beautiful and rhythmic language can stimulate the baby and promote the development of the language central nervous system and the brain. Therefore, when the mother speaks from the newborn, the voice should be soft, the speed of speech should be slow, and it can be accompanied by a beautiful melody. For example: mothers can gently sing nursery rhymes to the baby; read poems, "Three Character Classic" and so on.
2. Daily communication in all languages
In daily life, when parents feed the baby, provide him with life care, or take the baby out, it is an excellent opportunity to communicate with the baby orally. Parents can organically combine this scene, talk to the baby, and create a full-language communication environment. E.g:
You can tell your baby what you mean while doing things. Say, "Take off your shirt" when undressing your baby; take off his shoes when you say, "Take off your shoes now." When changing diapers, you can say: "Baby's ass is dirty, mother changes diapers, tap, tap, stick a little sticky strip, and the diaper is changed.
You can also make corresponding facial expressions while talking to let your baby understand your feelings. Remember not to tease your baby. If you hug him and say, "You're mom's worst slob," you'll confuse him because your face is saying, "You're mom's amazing baby."
You just need to help your baby understand your general meaning. It doesn't matter whether he can understand every word you say. If you're done, put the dishes on the table, reach out to your baby and say "it's time for lunch", he'll understand that his lunch is ready and he'll put himself in the Baby High Feeding Chair . Without those corresponding cues, your baby may not understand the literal meaning of "time for lunch." He will eventually understand what they mean by understanding the words over and over in a helpful context.
3. Learn how to speak
Whether you are talking about your infinite love for your baby, or a group of rare birds in the sky, let your baby see your enthusiasm, emotion, emphasis, etc. These elements that improve the quality of speech can attract his attention and motivate him Try to understand what you are saying. Use ascending tones to attract your baby's attention and descending to soothe or evoke positive emotions in your baby. In addition, the baby likes to listen to onomatopoeia and rhetoric. For example: "Chicken chirping, duckling quack..." The baby will be very happy after listening to it, and will naturally imitate it in the future.
4. Play games
Babies are born to like games, and they can learn a lot from the interaction of games. So often play games with your baby to create a happy atmosphere. For example, touch the nose game, where you sit face to face with your baby and let him look at you. You say a certain part of the body and ask your baby to point it out. You ask him, "Where is Mommy's nose?" The baby will point to your nose. You can also ask your baby to follow your verbal cues to point to their own body parts. Babies can naturally acquire language happily in this organized game.

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How to enlighten the baby to learn to speak?

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