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What are the advantages of plastic hangers?

1. Good processing characteristics
Plastics can be processed into products of various shapes according to application requirements, and the processing technology is simple, which is suitable for large-scale mechanized production.
2. Lightweight
The density of plastic is between 0.8-2.2g/cm3, generally only 1/3-1/4 of steel, 1/2 of aluminum, and 1/3 of concrete, which is similar to wood. It is used for decoration and decoration projects, which can reduce the construction strength and the self-weight of the building.
3. High specific strength
The specific strength of plastic Adjustable Size Children Clothes Hangers is much higher than that of cement concrete, close to or even higher than that of steel, and it belongs to a lightweight and high-strength material.
4. Small thermal conductivity
The thermal conductivity of plastic is very small, about 1/500-1/600 of that of metal. The thermal conductivity of foam plastic is only 0.02-0.046W/mK, which is about 1/1500 of metal, 1/40 of cement concrete, and 1/20 of ordinary clay brick. It is an ideal thermal insulation material.
5. Good chemical stability
Plastics have good corrosion resistance to common acids, alkalis, salts and greases, much better than metal materials and some inorganic materials. It is especially suitable for doors and windows, floors and walls of chemical plants.
6. Good electrical insulation
Generally, plastics are poor conductors of electricity, and their electrical insulation is comparable to that of ceramics and rubber.
7. Good performance design
Engineering materials with various special properties can be made by changing the formula and processing technology. Such as high-strength carbon fiber composite materials, sound insulation, thermal insulation composite panels, sealing materials, waterproof materials, etc.
8. Decorative
Plastic can be made into transparent products or products of various colors, and the color is beautiful and durable. It can also be made into various patterns, patterns and three-dimensional appearance by advanced printing, embossing, electroplating and bronzing skills. , Metallic products.
9. Conducive to building industrialization
Many building plastic products or accessories can be produced in factories and then installed on site, which can greatly improve the efficiency of construction.
What are the advantages of plastic hangers?

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