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How to choose children's study desks and chairs in 2022?

As we all know, the posture of reading and writing is very important for children who are growing! If the child is not careful, we will develop bad habits, resulting in myopia and bad sitting posture. Therefore, almost every parent considers their child to choose a child-specific study table and chair set to correct their child's poor learning posture. So, what are the advantages of children's study tables and chairs? How should parents choose cost-effective children's table and chair sets?

What are the advantages of children's study table and chair set?
1. The height of the table and the angle of the table can be adjusted
a. Desk height:
Children grow fast and grow taller. The height of the desk can be changed with the height of the child, so as to achieve synchronous growth and avoid bad daily writing habits caused by the poor height of the child.
b. Desk angle:
The tiled tabletop can be used for writing, and the inclined tabletop can be used for reading and reciting. The reasonable distance from the eyes and the best 3-angle angle can correct the sitting posture of children and keep away from myopia problems.

More scientific bracket design
Children put their elbows on the table, and in order to make writing more comfortable, they will lean forward, which leads to problems such as easy myopia and hunchback. writing habits.

Safer to use
Children are naturally active, so the safety design of the study table is indispensable. The overall structure of the table is sturdy and durable, and there are guards at the edges to ensure the safe use of children.

Chair design is more scientific
The chair has a more ergonomic design, which can be adjusted while ensuring that the child's feet fall to the ground, which conforms to the child's learning law and avoids discomfort after sitting for a long time.

How to choose a children's table and chair set?
After knowing the advantages of children's table and chair sets, I believe that many parents have begun to be excited! Below I will give you a detailed introduction on how to choose a child table seat set. We mainly choose from the following three dimensions, namely security, basic functions and convenience.

(1) Security
The factor that an excellent children's table and chair set must consider is whether it is safe or not. We can choose from three points: material, environmental protection level and whether the corners are smooth.
1. Material
At present, the materials used to make children's table and chair sets on the market are mainly solid wood, wood-based panels, and plastic panels.

2. Are the corners smooth?
At present, the table and chair sets on the market are mainly angular and rounded corners. As a table and chair for children, when we buy, we try to choose smooth corners and no corners, and rounded corners at the corners of the desktop. It can effectively avoid children's bumps in daily use.

(2) Basic functions
When we buy a children's table and chair set, it is also very important to consider its basic functions, because this will directly affect the child's use experience. We mainly consider the dimensions of table type, table length, lifting method, and adjustable table elevation.
1. Desktop type
Nowadays, the mainstream children's learning desktops on the market generally have two shapes: one-shaped and L-shaped:
a. One font desktop:
One-line desktop is like a capital letter. The format is large, and it is basically the same as our common desk desktop, which is a complete desktop, without partition, and can also be tilted and adjusted. The one-line type is more common with a table length of 80-100cm.

b.L-shaped desktop:
The L-shaped desktop is generally divided into two large areas, left and right. The left area is fixed and used as a tutoring area; the right area can be tilted and is the child's learning area. This is also called the left-hand L, and vice versa the right-hand L. The length of the L-shaped desktop is generally more than 100cm.

2. Desk length

The length of the study table generally refers to the length of the desktop, and the legs and storage cabinets generally do not exceed the scope of the desktop. Nowadays, the length of study desks on the market is generally 100-130cm, and some are as short as 80cm.

3. Lifting method
At present, the mainstream adjustment methods on the market mainly include manual lifting, electric lifting, hole position adjustment, and air pressure lifting.

4. The elevation angle of the desktop is adjustable
Most of the tables on the market today are adjustable in elevation. Generally speaking, it is ideal that the elevation angle of the desktop can be adjusted at an angle of 0-55 degrees; because of different elevation angles, it can be adapted to the needs of children's different learning scenarios.

(3) Convenience
1. Difficulty of cleaning
Children can't help scribbling flowers on the table, so we should also pay attention to the difficulty of cleaning. Therefore, we want to choose a desktop that is easy to clean, and even if it is dirty, it can be easily wiped off with water.
2. With bookshelf
There are table and chair sets with bookshelves and without bookshelves on the market. Personally, if the space at home is relatively small, try to buy table and chair sets with bookshelves, so that children can place books; but if there is enough space at home, bring bookshelves In fact, it is not that important, it is better to get a pure bookshelf directly.
3. Storage function
Many tables and chairs now have storage functions. However, for children who are easily distracted by learning, I personally do not recommend buying a table with a storage design on the desktop. If you must have a storage function, you can choose a drawer-style storage under the table.
4. Split design
The split design means that the table is divided into two parts, some of which are variable and height-adjustable; the other is fixed and non-adjustable. Personal suggestion, this split design does not have much impact, and it is easy to pinch children's hands between adjustable and non-adjustable.

Cost-effective children's table and chair set recommended:

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Kindergarten Adjustable Comfortable Kids Furniture Study Table Children Study Table Kids Desk Chair Set

How to choose children's study desks and chairs in 2022?

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